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Our approach is consistent across all our portfolios. However, we believe each serves a distinct role, and we construct them accordingly. Some emphasize dividends to mitigate volatility and provide a modest stream of income while others pursue opportunities unconstrained by market-cap size. The ultimate goal with each is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns and limit downside participation.

Opportunistic Value Equity


Dynamically pursues the best opportunities across the full equity universe

Heartland Advisors Multi-Cap Value Portfolio Management Team

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Mid Cap Value

Mid-cap, dividend-focused

Seeks long-term appreciation by investing in mid-cap, dividend-paying companies

Heartland Advisors Mid-Cap Value Portfolio Management Team

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Small Cap Value Plus

Small-cap, dividend-focused

Invests in undervalued small companies and seeks to reduce volatility through strong balance sheets and dividends

Heartland Advisors Small-Cap Value Plus Portfolio Management Team

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Small Cap Value

Micro- and small-cap

Pursues long-term capital appreciation by investing in micro- and small-cap companies

Heartland Advisors Small-Cap Value Portfolio Management Team

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There is no assurance that dividend-paying stocks will mitigate volatility.

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