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Under the direction and oversight of the VP – Information Systems, this position serves as the technical resource charged with day to day systems administration in our complex and dynamic environment.  This role serves as a specialist on multiple operating systems and platforms supporting critical functions enterprise-wide and assists the VP – Information Systems with a broad range of activities including but not limited to the: installation of operating system software, software support covering both technical and user application, performance analysis, security administration, management of data storage and cyber security activities.

This Research Analyst will primarily support the portfolio managers of the Value Fund and the Small-Cap Strategy in conducting fundamental equity investment analysis, including financial statement analysis, financial model building, comparable company analysis as well as assessment of industry and macroeconomic trends.  The Research Analyst will be required to utilize their analysis to objectively monitor existing holdings within the small and micro cap portfolio. They will also be responsible for formulating investment ideas.  In addition, the position will entail travel to conferences and to company facilities to gain increased knowledge of existing and prospective holdings as well as industry and macroeconomic trends. 

Under the direction of an Investment Management professional, learns and practices the fundamentals of value investing utilizing Heartland’s 10 Principles of Value Investing™ while learning and performing core functions of a research analyst
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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and a drug-free workplace. Prior to becoming an active full- or part-time team member, applicants are required to successfully pass a drug screen test.

Heartland Culture

Our week begins with what Heartlanders affectionately refer to as the “Monday Morning Meeting,” when analysts, portfolio managers, and other key team members come together to discuss economic releases, market dynamics, and industry analysis. Similarly, each week ends with the Investment Team assembled in our Ben Graham conference room—aptly named for the founder of the Firm’s value investing style—for the “Research Meeting,” focused on stock specific research.

The agendas vary, but the goal of each is consistent—sharing, digesting, and interpreting information that will give us an advantage when competing in the marketplace.

These meetings are open to all team members, and relationship managers regularly attend to represent the eyes, ears, and voices of our clients. The discussions reflect our Midwestern roots in that debates are candid and purposeful with spirited conversations focused on achieving excellence in our investment decisions. All Investment Team members participate on equal footing and are encouraged to express alternate views. Portfolio managers serve in the role of engaged leaders—not unapproachable stars.

Our quest for constant never ending improvement (CNEI) extends beyond the Investment Team. Whether it is earning professional designations or enrolling in classes to develop new skills, team members across the Firm are strongly encouraged in their pursuit of professional and personal growth.

We also bring our passionate approach to causes beyond investing. High importance is placed on giving back to the community, and team members are encouraged to regularly volunteer their time and skills. Our sponsorship of the many local causes we support is deliberate—we support the organizations our team members are most passionate about and in which they are directly involved.

Beyond our value investment philosophy and core business, Heartland is a Firm where camaraderie among coworkers is genuine. From lunches with department heads to the longstanding tradition of new team members providing entertainment at the annual holiday party, inherent respect creates an environment for people to confidently share ideas and information. 

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