Our Team

Leadership Team

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Nicole J. Best

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Administrative Officer

Michael Kops

Vice President and Partner

Matthew Miner

Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, and Director of Trading

Will Nasgovitz

CEO and Portfolio Manager

Vinita K. Paul

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Secretary

Investment Team

The Investment Team includes portfolio managers, research analysts, and traders. The Team applies Heartland’s value investing philosophy and disciplined investment process, the 10 Principles of Value Investing™, to manage the three domestic Heartland Funds and four separately managed account strategies.

The team collectively has almost 250 years of industry experience, more than 160 of those years obtained at Heartland, as of March 31, 2022.

Portfolio managers and research analysts work side-by-side to apply a bottom-up approach that combines traditional fundamental analysis and meetings with management, competitors, and end clients of the businesses we consider for investment. Collaboration allows the Investment Team to cross-cover sectors and companies, generate a significant amount of internal research, and challenge investment ideas from multiple perspectives.

We believe the Investment Team’s interests are aligned with our clients because the Team, along with other Heartland team members, collectively owned about $38 million in the Heartland Funds as of March 31, 2022.

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Investment Professionals

Bradford A. Evans

Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Andrew J. Fleming

Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Troy McGlone

Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Colin McWey

Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Bill Nasgovitz

Chairman and Portfolio Manager

Will Nasgovitz

CEO and Portfolio Manager

Michael Warecki

Research Analyst

Jacob Westphal

Research Analyst

Edward Wojciechowski

Director of Research and Senior Research Analyst

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Trading Professionals

Kevin D. Clark

Senior Vice President of Equity Trading

Matthew Miner

Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, and Director of Trading

Board of Directors & Firm Governance

The investment management, trading, and operational functions of Heartland are governed by comprehensive policies, procedures, and oversight bodies.

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Investing Perspectives

Water & Wells

The Case for Quality Stocks Now

Historically, stocks exhibiting "quality" factors such as low leverage are likely to outperform in a rising-rate environment.

Heartland in the News

Don’t Get Lost in the Headlines

CEO Will Nasgovitz explains why investors remaining focused on fundamentals can be rewarding in times of uncertainty.

Water & Wells

The Wrong Path for a Hike?

As investors gear up for rate hikes the past may offer some lessons for what’s to come.


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