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Continuous Never-Ending Improvement


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Nicole J. Best

Vice President, Treasurer, and Principal Accounting Officer

Will Nasgovitz

CEO and Portfolio Manager


Nicole: In the early 1990’s, our founder Bill Nasgovitz attended a conference. Since then continuing never-ending improvement has been at the heart of Heartland’s culture. Continuing never-ending improvements broad-based really intended to be both focused on big picture goals and everyday details. It’s not just a concept, but also mindset. 

Will: CNEI goals capture individual milestones that we’re all trying to achieve over the course of the year. They can be both personal and work related in nature. From a personal standpoint perhaps an individual, a teammate, wants to work on their overall wellness. From a work perspective we’re always encouraging our teammates to think about secondary education or achieving some type of designation. What’s interesting, they’re all unique in nature. But we’re all putting our best foot forward to achieve these on a day by day basis. So they’re stretch goals and it’s having that challenge in front of us despite being different across each individual helps bolster the camaraderie across your organization, and improves overall engagement.

Nicole: As an entrepreneurial organization, the concept of continuous never-ending improvement is an important part of who we are. Always looking to improve. Our team members as a result are individuals that are more engaged, empowered, happier, and more effective. And it certainly does keep our environment more fresh as we continue to look to improve going forward. Ultimately ensuring that we’re delivering our mission of superior investment performance and outstanding client service. Continuous never-ending improvement is really focused on both job responsibilities, but also meant to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset within the organization.


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