Heartland Select Value Fund 3Q17 Portfolio Manager Commentary

Executive Summary

  • The portfolio’s Health Care names helped the Fund outperform its benchmark, the Russell 3000® Value Index, returning 4.10% versus 3.27%.
  • The major indices continued to edge higher in response to solid economic news even as new doubts emerged.
  • Oil fluctuated in a narrow range for much of the quarter but a late surge in September made Energy one of the top performing groups in the Index.
  • We are beginning to see more small-cap companies on our watch list than in the recent quarters.

Third Quarter Market Discussion

The major indices continued to edge higher in response to solid economic news, but investors began to ask “where do we go from here?” The question reflected uncertainty on several fronts. Prospects for pro-growth legislation out of Washington appear to be on hold, geo-political hotspots such as North Korea continue to flare up, and the recovery in oil remains uncertain, which could impact cyclical areas such as Industrials.
The cautious outlook led to strength in defensive sectors and prompted investors to continue to pour money into growth areas that have had positive momentum for much of the year. 
Putting a Premium on Defense
Russell 3000® Value Index Third Quarter Sector Returns

Heartland Select Value Fund Portfolio Manager Commentary Sector Returns Chart

Source FactSet Research Systems Inc. and Russell®
Holdings data as of 7/3/2017 to 9/29/2017. All indices are unmanaged. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Attribution Analysis

Security selection was positive, and the portfolio’s Health Care names helped the Strategy outperform its benchmark, the Russell 3000® Value Index. Our Financial names also boosted results and were up on an absolute and relative basis. Oil fluctuated in a narrow range for much of the quarter, but a surge in September boosted Energy and it was a top performing group in the Index. The portfolio’s names in the sector were also up and buoyed relative results.

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A healthy outlook. With any significant changes to the Affordable Care Act off the table in the near-term, investors looked beyond the Health Care sector in search of opportunities. However, the portfolio’s holdings were up sharply, and the group contained a top contributor.

Triple-S Management Corporation (GTS), a managed care company in Puerto Rico that operates under the Blue Cross name, was up significantly after posting results that beat consensus estimates. Wall Street also cheered signs of improving loss ratios and progress on cost-cutting initiatives. We remain constructive on the name and believe there are emerging signs reimbursement rates it receives from Medicaid are on the cusp of improving. Despite the run up in share prices, the company trades at just two-thirds of book value versus 2x to 10x for peers.

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Making it work in Energy. As the price of crude fluctuated, we found strength in the equipment and services industry. Newpark Resources, Inc. (NR), an energy services company, was up after reporting earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) well above Street estimates. Results were boosted by strength in the company’s so-called Mat Services line, which provides temporary access roads and worksites for oilfield, military, construction and utilities applications.

Strength from the Mats division point to inroads the company has made in broadening its client base beyond the Energy patch. We also believe its fluids division, which includes environmentally friendly products used in oil drilling, offers future top-line growth opportunities. The fluid division is now the third-largest player in the industry and we believe its unique products will help the company increase its position going forward. 
Based on current multiples of just 1.7x stated book value (SBV), we believe Newpark has significant upside and could eventually trade at 2x SBV.
Full stream ahead? Facing stubborn pricing pressure in the energy markets we continue to focus on names like Newpark that are positioned to succeed at current oil prices.  Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE), in our view, also fits that mold.
Baker Hughes completed its merger with General Electric’s energy division in early July. The combination makes the new company the second-largest player globally in the oil services industry. The deal creates a business that can provide products for all stages of the energy cycle—from upstream exploration to midstream pipelines and downstream refining and power generation. The breadth of its offering should give it a competitive advantage and has already resulted in it winning a significant project in Papau New Guinea. Shares of the company were down modestly as the outlook for some of its end clients weakened, however the combined entity should also have significant opportunities for cost savings and its competitive positioning should allow it to capture a larger portion of global sales.

Portfolio Activity

We’ve taken strength in many of our names as an opportunity to harvest gains and redeploy assets elsewhere. These moves, we believe, have resulted in a portfolio that should be well positioned whether the economy continues to churn higher, or experiences a temporary setback. As part of this approach, we continue to seek attractively valued businesses that are leaders in their fields. The Strategy’s exposure to Information Technology and Energy is down while we have identified opportunities in some previously expensive areas such as Consumer Staples.
Brewing up value. Recent addition J.M. Smucker Company (SJM) is an example of the type of business we’ve found attractive. The company manufactures and markets food products under well-known brands such as Jif peanut butter, Meow Mix cat food and Folgers coffee. Shares have been under pressure as private label products gain market share and competitors have cut prices in order to compete. The surge in competition and price cutting culminated in first-quarter earnings that fell short of investor expectations, and the stock faltered. We viewed the weakness as an opportunity to pick up a market-leading franchise with strong free cash flow generation at a 20% discount to the broader market.
Despite current headwinds in the industry, we believe new coffee products Smucker is rolling out, as well as its pet division, should produce strong revenue growth in the years ahead.

Outlook and Positioning

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With fewer catalysts for expansion on the horizon, the economic outlook is clouded. Larger companies have enjoyed strong performance for much of the year and the valuation advantage they held over smaller counterparts has shrunk. Companies that have enjoyed strong runs over the past few months may face reduced upside until evidence of continuing business cycle strength emerges. 
In response, we continue to comb through all sectors and industries looking for opportunities with leading industry players where we believe risk is mispriced. Our efforts have resulted in a portfolio that is less economically sensitive and a watch list that contains more small-cap companies than in the recent quarters. 
Thank you for the opportunity to manage your capital.
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Portfolio Management Team

Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Colin McWey

Colin McWey

McWey, CFA, is Vice President and Portfolio Manager of the Select Value and Mid Cap Value Funds and their corresponding separately managed account strategies. He has 16 years of industry experience, 9 at Heartland.

Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz

Will Nasgovitz

Nasgovitz is CEO and Portfolio Manager of the Select Value and Mid Cap Value Funds and their corresponding separately managed account strategies. He also is CEO of Heartland Funds. He has 18 years of industry experience, 14 at Heartland.

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