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Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz

At the Intersection of Art & Science

A look at how both influence our quest for value.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Colin McWey

Trends in Big Pharma

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, discusses how Heartland's focus on fundamentals has helped uncover two companies we believe have growth potential despite challenges in the sector.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Investment Team

Fear of an Industry Backfire + Strong Fundamentals = Attractive Entry Point

The Investment Team digs into an auto parts manufacturer we believe is well-positioned for the road ahead.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Colin McWey

Barron's Highlights Heartland Analysis of Dividend-Paying Stocks

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, discusses the year-to-date disparity in performance between high-yielding stocks and the rest of the pack. Our view: investors have focused too much on absolute yield, creating opportunity for managers focused on fundamentals.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Management

Flying Under the Radar

Heartland Portfolio Managers share perspective on an Energy stock we believe has bottomed and may be at an inflection point. The company is a prime example, in our view, of the bear market in Energy bruising the bottom line of companies beyond producers, yet creating compelling opportunities for value investors.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Colin McWey

Mid Cap Value Fund Praised for Recent Peer Group Performance

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, discusses the team’s approach, which has led it to strong recent performance against peers and the benchmark.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Colin McWey

Retail Stocks: A Mixed Bag

There are too many brands, too much competition, and not enough demand, says Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA. Yet, a closer look yields a handful of names with attractive valuations and compelling catalysts.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz

Rethinking 'Safe Havens'

The search for stability in pockets of the equity market usually perceived to be “safe” has driven valuations to extreme levels, with outlooks for these groups deteriorating, says CEO and Portfolio Manager Will Nasgovitz. He shares companies we believe are positioned to improve their businesses and increase dividend payments.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Colin McWey

InvestmentNews Publishes Article by Portfolio Manager Colin McWey

The role capital cycle analysis plays in sector allocation.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Andrew J. Fleming

Self-help Stories Driving Stock Selection

Portfolio Manager Andrew J. Fleming, CFA, discusses the importance of selecting stocks based on company-specific merits in a difficult macro environment driven by inconsistencies and slow growth.

Heartland in the News
Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Bill Nasgovitz

The Unattractiveness of Low Valuations Based on Financial Engineering

Debt-financed share buybacks may be a short-sighted tactic, says Portfolio Manager Bill Nasgovitz. He explains why we believe businesses with low debt and the ability to improve earnings through sales growth will be poised to outperform in the years ahead.

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