Colin McWey

Colin McWey, CFA, is Vice President and Portfolio Manager for the Mid Cap Value and Select Value Funds and their corresponding Mid Cap Value and Opportunistic Value Equity Strategies.

Heartland Advisors Value Investing Portfolio Manager Colin McWeyMcWey began at Heartland in 2009 as a Research Analyst. He assumed portfolio management responsibilities in 2010. He has been Lead Manager of the Mid Cap Value Strategy since January 2013 and became Lead Manager of its corresponding Fund at the Fund’s inception in October 2014. He was named co-Portfolio Manager of the Select Value Fund and its corresponding Strategy in 2015.

Prior to joining Heartland, McWey worked in several capacities at Bank of America’s investment banking subsidiary, Banc of America Securities. He developed expertise in the fixed income markets and corporate finance, along with the Health Care and Financials sectors. His most recent position at Bank of America was Vice President of Debt Capital Markets, in which he was responsible for the origination and execution of public debt and hybrid capital securities offerings.

He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2001 with a bachelor’s in economics and history.

Investment Experience

  • Heartland Advisors, 2009-present
  • Banc of America Securities, 2001-2009


  • B.S. in Economics and History, Vanderbilt University, 2001

Certification and Licensing

  • CFA Charterholder

Heartland Advisors Value Investing Team IconPortfolio Manager

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Investing Perspectives

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Today’s income hungry world underscores the need to dig into free cash flow and payout ratios to avoid yield traps.

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Bloomberg Radio Interviews Heartland Mid Cap Manager

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Sticking to Fundamentals in a Teflon Market

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, reiterates our commitment to attractive valuations and financial soundness—cornerstones of a long-term philosophy.

Press Release

Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund Reaches Three-Year Milestone

With market volatility near historic-low levels—and the Russell Midcap® Value Index climbing steadily higher—market dynamics seem to suggest little has changed during 2017. In this Q&A, Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, digs below the surface.

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Taking the Inflation Bull by the Horns

When inflation heats up, will Industrials follow? Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, shares his perspective with MarketWatch.

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Cash Flow: An Equalizing Force in Analysis

Cash flow helps us evaluate opportunities on an apples to apples basis regardless of industry or debt.

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Why Catalysts and Context Matter

The difference between an unloved laggard and an attractive investment opportunity often begins with perception. Here is a look at internal catalysts and their importance in changing investors’ views and company results.

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Why Backing Winners Could be a Losing Formula

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, talks with MarketWatch about potential pitfalls in today’s crowded trades.

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Circling the Wagon: What Colin McWey, Buffett & Others See in Wells Fargo

MarketWatch asks Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, for his take on a Warren Buffett* favorite stock.

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Retail and REITs: The Case for Not Buying in Bulk

In areas where some see short-term opportunities, Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, explains how our long-term focus is steering us away from many traditional retail companies and REITs.

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‘There’s More Bull To Be Had’

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, weighs in on whether the bull market has more room to run despite inflated stock prices.​

4/17 - 2:39

A Look at Our Mid Cap Value Strategy

The Portfolio Management Team provides an overview.

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Leveraging our Disciplined Approach

Sure a rising tide can lift all boats, but we’re ‘creating our own luck,' explains Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA.

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Trends in Big Pharma

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, discusses how Heartland's focus on fundamentals has helped uncover two companies we believe have growth potential despite challenges in the sector.

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Barron's Highlights Heartland Analysis of Dividend-Paying Stocks

Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA, discusses the year-to-date disparity in performance between high-yielding stocks and the rest of the pack. Our view: investors have focused too much on absolute yield, creating opportunity for managers focused on fundamentals.

11/16 - 4:45

Q&A: A Sweet Spot for Investing

CEO Will Nasgovitz discuss the Mid Cap Value Fund with Co-Portfolio Manager Colin McWey, CFA—including the value of mid-cap exposure, the Fund's investment process, and current positioning.

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